Hi everyone!


I hope that you all are being safe and listening to the experts during the current pandemic. The health and safety of our loved ones is paramount at this time!

That being said, I wanted to make you all aware of what I am doing with my music currently, because I am one of those who is 100% affected financially by this crisis. With the cancellation of shows and halt in the booking of weddings and private functions, my source of income has all but dried up.

So, not being one to accept defeat or sit still, I have taken the initiative to create! I wanted to share some ways that we can continue to interact and ways that you can show your support for my music and the business that supports my family:

  • If you haven’t already, you can purchase a digital download of my album on the “Chaos and Clarity” page for $9.99.
  • I will be bringing back my live stream performances this winter 2020/ 2021, but with special guest musicians! Keep an eye out on Facebook for these events! Your tips during these performance s are extremely helpful!
  • I am in the process of recording an album and am about 1/2 way finished. I am shooting for an April 2021 release. I hope that you will consider purchasing or pre-purchasing this album!
  • If you have been negatively affected financially by this crisis, but still want to help, you can share my live broadcast or my web site with your friends! Every little action helps!

Thanks so much for continuing to support me on my musical journey and I look forward to hearing from and chatting with you! Be safe!


Yours in music,